2XO Whiskey

2XO whiskey represents a unique chapter in the American whiskey narrative, primarily driven by the vision and innovation of Dixon Dedman, a distinguished figure in the whiskey blending industry. The brand 2XO, abbreviated for "Two Times Oak," is founded on Dedman's pioneering blending process. This process involves re-barreling hand-selected aged whiskey into new charred oak barrels, thereby creating a distinct combination of intense flavors, character, and complexity in each blend.

Dixon Dedman is recognized for his robust and high-proof bourbon and rye blends. His background in the whiskey industry, combined with his culinary expertise from running his family's James Beard award-winning Beaumont Inn, has significantly contributed to his distinguished reputation. Dedman's approach with 2XO is a contemporary twist on historic blending traditions, aiming to revolutionize the category away from the typical nostalgic American whiskey storyline. This innovation is reflected in the 2XO Brand, which consists of a series of limited-time small batch offerings (Icon Series), a series of single barrel releases (Gem of Kentucky Series), and an everyday blend offering (Oak Series).

The 2XO lineup includes remarkable expressions like the Gem of Kentucky, which is the only double-barreled single barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey on the market, and the American Oak, the first blend in the Oak Series, known for its innovative double oak technique. Other notable blends include The Tribute Blend, a nod to Dixon’s parents and their legacy, and The Innkeeper’s Blend, which pays homage to the Dedman family’s history in the hospitality industry. Each of these expressions embodies Dedman's commitment to creating high-quality, innovative whiskeys with unique characteristics and profiles, marking 2XO as a noteworthy brand in the evolving landscape of American whiskey.

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