Alberta Whiskey

Alberta Premium whiskey is a distinguished name in the Canadian whiskey industry, with its roots dating back to 1946. The brand, produced by Alberta Distillers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has built its reputation on the use of 100% Canadian rye grain, sourced locally to support the Canadian agriculture sector. This emphasis on local ingredients contributes to the whiskey's unique flavor profile and quality.

The distillery's flagship product, Alberta Premium, is recognized for being one of the first whiskeys to be made entirely from rye grain. This innovative approach has garnered the brand numerous accolades, including top honors at international spirits competitions. The introduction of Alberta Premium Cask Strength, a higher alcohol by volume expression, has further enhanced its reputation, offering a bolder taste experience for whiskey enthusiasts.

Marking its 75th anniversary in 2021, Alberta Distillers celebrated this milestone with special initiatives and community involvement. Their commitment to quality and tradition, along with efforts to contribute positively to environmental conservation, showcases the brand's dedication to both its heritage and future in the whiskey industry. Alberta Premium continues to be a major player in the Canadian whiskey market, renowned for its distinct rye character and rich flavor.

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