Angel's Envy Whiskey

Angel's Envy bourbon, a relatively new yet notable player in the whiskey world, was created by the esteemed Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson and his son Wes Henderson. Launched in 2011, this brand quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to bourbon making. Unlike many traditional bourbon brands, Angel's Envy embraced the practice of double maturation, commonly used in Scotch production. The original expression of Angel's Envy is aged in both new charred American oak and former port casks, a technique that was rare in the bourbon industry at the time of its inception.

The Henderson family played a pivotal role in the brand's development. Lincoln Henderson, a legend in the distilling world known for developing brands like Woodford Reserve and Gentleman Jack, came out of retirement to start Angel's Envy with his son Wes. Wes had a significant background in the industry, including serving as CEO for Master Distiller Select LLC and Conecuh Ridge Distillery. The family's involvement didn't end there; Wes's son Kyle and later his other sons joined the business, making it a multi-generational endeavor.

Angel's Envy is produced using a distinct process that involves aging the bourbon up to six years before it undergoes a secondary aging period of 3-6 months in French oak ruby port barrels. This process imparts a unique flavor profile to the bourbon, characterized by notes of sugar-roasted nuts, caramel-covered raisins, and vanilla. The brand's dedication to innovation and quality is evident in its limited edition releases and the recent appointment of Owen Martin as the Master Distiller in 2022, who brings a wealth of experience to the role.

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