Baker's Bourbon

Baker's Bourbon is a notable name in the bourbon industry, created to honor Baker Beam, a member of the legendary Beam family. Baker Beam, born and raised on the grounds of the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, Kentucky, dedicated his career to the family business. Starting as a night watchman during high school, Baker worked his way up through various roles, eventually becoming a distiller at Jim Beam. His cousin, Booker Noe, another prominent figure in the bourbon world, created Baker’s Bourbon as part of the Small Batch Collection, a tribute to Baker's hard work and expertise​.

The bourbon, known for its bold and robust character, is a single barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, bottled at 107 proof. Each barrel is unique, with distinct notes and flavors shaped by factors such as weather, aging period, and rickhouse placement. Baker's Bourbon is aged for a minimum of seven years, extracting rich flavors of vanilla from the charred oak barrels. The single barrel nature of Baker's Bourbon means that each bottle comes from one individual barrel, ensuring a distinctive and singular bourbon experience in every bottle​.

The creation of Baker's Bourbon reflects the Beam family's deep-rooted history in bourbon-making, spanning several generations. Baker Beam's story, from his early days at the distillery to having a bourbon named in his honor, exemplifies the dedication and passion that defines the Jim Beam legacy. Baker's Bourbon stands as a testament to this legacy, offering a single barrel bourbon that is both a tribute to its namesake and a representation of the Beam family's enduring influence in the world of bourbon.

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