Blood Oath

Blood Oath Bourbon is a distinctive line of ultra-premium bourbon whiskeys, each released as a limited edition under the label of Lux Row Distillers. The brand is known for its annual, one-of-a-kind expressions, each referred to as a "Pact." Created by John Rempe, a veteran in the spirits industry, Blood Oath stands out for its innovative blending of uniquely aged bourbons.

Each Pact of Blood Oath is a carefully crafted blend that combines rare and unique bourbons, with each new edition being distinct from the last. The bourbons used in these blends vary in age, type of wood in which they were aged, and other maturation factors, contributing to the complexity and uniqueness of each release. These bourbons are sourced from different distilleries, showcasing Rempe's skill in blending diverse flavor profiles to create a harmonious and sophisticated final product.

Blood Oath's packaging further enhances its allure, with each bottle presented in a wooden display box, emphasizing the exclusivity and collectible nature of the whiskey. The name "Blood Oath" signifies the solemn commitment to quality and secrecy in the blending process, promising a high-quality, limited-run bourbon with each Pact. This commitment to uniqueness and quality makes Blood Oath a sought-after bourbon for collectors and enthusiasts seeking rare and distinctive whiskey experiences.

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