Blue Run

Blue Run Spirits is a relatively new entrant in the whiskey industry, having made its debut around 2020. The brand quickly garnered attention due to its distinctive approach to bourbon and whiskey production, as well as the involvement of notable industry figures in its development.

A key figure behind Blue Run Spirits is Jim Rutledge, a revered name in the whiskey world, known for his role as the former Master Distiller at Four Roses Distillery. Rutledge's expertise and experience have been fundamental in shaping the quality and character of Blue Run's products. Under his guidance, the brand focuses on producing high-quality, small-batch bourbons and ryes.

Blue Run Spirits differentiates itself with a modern approach to branding and design, appealing to both traditional bourbon enthusiasts and a newer generation of whiskey drinkers. Their bottles are recognizable for their sleek and contemporary design, which stands out in a market often dominated by traditional aesthetics. The bourbon itself is known for its refined and balanced profile, often featuring a nuanced interplay of classic bourbon flavors, including notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak, with a smooth finish.

Despite being a newcomer to the bourbon scene, Blue Run Spirits has quickly established a reputation for producing premium whiskeys that appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers, from seasoned aficionados to those new to the world of bourbon.

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