Little Book

Little Book, a series of limited-edition releases by Freddie Noe, eighth-generation Beam family distiller, stands as a testament to innovation and creativity within the world of American whiskey. Produced by Beam Suntory, Little Book explores unique blends and unconventional combinations, showcasing a commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional bourbon making.

Each release under the Little Book label is distinct, with Freddie Noe experimenting with different whiskey styles, ages, and flavors. The series is known for its non-traditional approach, often incorporating diverse grains and cask types. This results in expressions that offer whiskey enthusiasts a chance to experience something truly exceptional and outside the norm.

Elevate your whiskey experience with Little Book, where each release is a bold and imaginative exploration of the art of blending. As a brand that embodies the spirit of experimentation, Little Book invites connoisseurs and collectors alike to savor the innovation and craftsmanship inherent in every unique expression.

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