Lot 40

Lot 40, a celebrated Canadian rye whisky, holds a special place in the world of spirits for its commitment to craftsmanship and the revival of traditional distillation methods. Produced by Corby Spirit and Wine Limited, Lot 40 is a tribute to the robust and flavorful rye whiskies that have shaped Canada's whisky heritage.

What sets Lot 40 apart is its dedication to using 100% rye grain in the mash bill, creating a bold and distinctive flavor profile. Known for its rich and spicy character, Lot 40 captures the essence of Canadian rye with a focus on quality and authenticity. Whether it's the flagship Lot 40 Canadian Rye or special releases like Lot 40 Cask Strength, each expression showcases the brand's commitment to producing exceptional rye whiskies.

Elevate your whisky experience with Lot 40, where the spirit of traditional Canadian rye craftsmanship meets contemporary appreciation. As a brand that embraces the heritage of rye distillation, Lot 40 invites enthusiasts to savor the depth and character found in each bottle, contributing to the ongoing legacy of Canadian whisky excellence.

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