Old Ezra

Old Ezra, a distinguished name in the world of American whiskey, is associated with a legacy of craftsmanship and a commitment to producing high-quality bourbons. Part of the Luxco portfolio, Old Ezra offers a range of expressions that showcase the rich flavors and traditions of Kentucky bourbon.

What sets Old Ezra apart is its attention to the aging process. The brand is known for releasing barrel-strength or high-proof bourbons, allowing enthusiasts to experience the whiskey in its unadulterated and robust form. Whether it's Old Ezra 7 Year Barrel Strength or other expressions, the brand consistently delivers bourbons with a bold character and a depth of flavors.

Elevate your bourbon experience with Old Ezra, where the heritage of Kentucky bourbon-making is preserved in every bottle. As a brand that embraces the intensity of barrel strength and the nuances of aging, Old Ezra invites enthusiasts to explore the complexities and enjoy the distinctive qualities that define its expressions within the realm of American whiskey

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