Old Tub

Old Tub, a historic name in the world of American whiskey, has roots dating back to the early days of the Jim Beam Distillery. Initially introduced in the late 19th century, Old Tub was the precursor to what would eventually become the Jim Beam brand. In recent times, Jim Beam has brought back Old Tub as a nostalgic and limited-edition release, allowing enthusiasts to experience a taste of the distillery's heritage.

What sets Old Tub apart is its connection to tradition and a simpler era of bourbon-making. The expression typically showcases a straightforward, unfiltered bourbon experience, offering a glimpse into the flavors that defined early American whiskey. With its homage to the original Old Tub release, this expression pays tribute to the legacy and craftsmanship that have been at the heart of the Jim Beam distilling tradition for generations.

Elevate your bourbon experience with Old Tub, where the spirit of the past meets the present in a bottle. As a limited-edition release, Old Tub invites whiskey enthusiasts to savor the authenticity and historical significance encapsulated in each pour, providing a unique and nostalgic journey into the roots of one of America's most iconic distilleries.

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