Peerless Bourbon

Peerless Bourbon, produced by Peerless Distilling Co., is a distinguished name in the world of American whiskey. Situated in Louisville, Kentucky, Peerless Distilling has a rich history dating back to the 1880s. After a period of hiatus, the brand was resurrected by Corky and Carson Taylor, descendants of the original founders, with a commitment to crafting high-quality, small-batch bourbon.

What sets Peerless Bourbon apart is its meticulous approach to the distillation process and the use of a unique sweet mash technique. This hands-on, small-batch production method allows for precise control over the flavor profile of each release. Peerless Bourbon is known for its rich and full-bodied character, often featuring a well-balanced combination of sweet and spicy notes.

Elevate your bourbon experience with Peerless, where tradition, family legacy, and a dedication to craftsmanship converge in every bottle. As a brand that embraces both its historic roots and modern innovation, Peerless Bourbon invites enthusiasts to savor the depth and complexity that define its expressions, contributing to the brand's standing in the landscape of premium American whiskey.

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