Savage & Cooke

Savage & Cooke is a notable brand in the world of spirits, particularly known for its whiskey production. Founded by Dave Phinney, a renowned winemaker and creator of popular wine brands such as "The Prisoner," Savage & Cooke has expanded into the realm of whiskey, creating unique and high-quality expressions.

What sets Savage & Cooke apart is its dedication to crafting distinctive and innovative spirits. The brand sources its whiskey from various regions and employs creative aging and blending techniques to achieve a diverse range of flavors. The portfolio often includes bourbons and ryes that showcase a rich and complex character, influenced by the careful selection of grains, barrels, and maturation processes.

Elevate your whiskey experience with Savage & Cooke, where the artistry of winemaking meets the craftsmanship of distillation. As a brand that values experimentation and pushing the boundaries of flavor, Savage & Cooke invites enthusiasts to savor the unique and thoughtfully crafted expressions that contribute to its standing in the world of premium American whiskey.

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