New Riff

New Riff, a distillery located in Newport, Kentucky, has gained acclaim for its dedication to producing high-quality, non-chill-filtered, and full-bodied whiskies. Founded with a commitment to transparency and a hands-on approach to crafting spirits, New Riff has quickly become a notable player in the bourbon scene.

What sets New Riff apart is its focus on crafting authentic Kentucky straight bourbon, adhering to traditional methods while embracing a forward-thinking approach. The distillery uses a mash bill featuring a high percentage of rye, contributing to the bold and robust flavor profile found in their expressions. From their flagship New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon to single barrel releases, each bottle reflects the brand's commitment to quality and the rich heritage of Kentucky bourbon.

Elevate your bourbon experience with New Riff, where the spirit of innovation meets the time-honored traditions of Kentucky. As a brand that emphasizes both the craft and community aspects of whiskey making, New Riff invites enthusiasts to explore the depth of flavor and genuine craftsmanship found in each thoughtfully produced bottle.

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