Russell's Reserve

Russell's Reserve is a distinguished brand in the world of American whiskey, known for its premium small-batch bourbons and ryes. Produced by the Wild Turkey Distillery, Russell's Reserve reflects the expertise and legacy of the Russell family, particularly master distiller Jimmy Russell and his son, associate distiller Eddie Russell.

What sets Russell's Reserve apart is its commitment to crafting high-quality, well-aged spirits. The brand is known for using a higher proportion of rye in its bourbons, contributing to a robust and flavorful profile. Whether it's the flagship Russell's Reserve 10-Year-Old Bourbon or the more aged and limited releases, Russell's Reserve whiskies often showcase a balance of sweet and spicy notes with a rich, full-bodied character.

Elevate your bourbon experience with Russell's Reserve, where the tradition of Wild Turkey and the Russell family's expertise converge in every bottle. As a brand that embodies the essence of Kentucky bourbon craftsmanship, Russell's Reserve invites enthusiasts to savor the depth, complexity, and heritage that define its expressions within the realm of premium American whiskey.

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