Sagamore Spirit

Sagamore Spirit is a prominent brand in the world of American whiskey, recognized for its commitment to producing high-quality rye spirits. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Sagamore Spirit pays homage to the region's rich distilling heritage while embracing innovation and sustainability in its production methods.

What sets Sagamore Spirit apart is its focus on rye whiskey, specifically known for its signature Sagamore Spirit Rye. The brand uses a combination of limestone-filtered water from nearby Sagamore Farm and a unique five-yeast strain blend to create a distinctive flavor profile. The rye expressions are often characterized by a balance of spice, sweetness, and complexity.

Elevate your whiskey experience with Sagamore Spirit, where the spirit of Maryland's distilling legacy and a commitment to quality converge in every bottle. As a brand that values both tradition and innovation, Sagamore Spirit invites enthusiasts to explore the rich flavors and craftsmanship that define its expressions within the world of premium American rye whiskey.

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